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Candypeople is a Swedish company it was established 1982. Pick&Mix has been our core business for 35 years, this has made us experts in confectionery. Our aim is always to maintain high quality throughout, so that you, as client/consumer always gets the taste experience you deserve. Our motto has always been ”Tasting is believing” the Swedish pick & mix concept is the best and most profitable concept on the market.

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We are constantly developing our products so that they get better and better. we put a lot of time on quality assurance with our factory´s. We are also at the cutting edge when it comes to communicating nutritional facts and allergies so that customers always knows what they eat. Our clients is the big established chains to the little shop on the corner. Our flexibility is an important cornerstone of our development. We think it’s important to be close to the customer, this has led us to have offices in Dubai and Shanghai New York and Perth.

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