Schöttinger Finest Marsipan was founded in 2008 when our family decided to refine our unique knowledge of marzipan to offer a unique taste. The result was amazing marzipan bars- which today can be found in a variety of delicious flavors.Schöttinger Marsipan 3

We are located in South of Sweden were we produce and manufacture our marzipan. We also have manufacturing facilities in Tallinn, Estonia.

We only offer quality products, no matter whether it is for mainstream, premium or exclusive products. Our most important cornerstones for us at Schöttinger Finest Marsipan is high quality, innovation and good taste!



Schöttinger Group
Santessons Väg 1
232 91 Arlöv

Henrik Schöttinger
T +46 40 45 93 30