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PLMA; 29-30th of May 2018

Marcus Petersson
Project Manager Swedish Pavilion,
Business Sweden
+31-61 16 49 902

The Swedish pavilion at PLMA 2018

Private Label grows stronger every year and today represents more than 30% of the product range on shelves in more than 15 European countries. Furthermore, Private Label has developed into a natural section of shelf space at supermarkets and today it is considered being a segment driving assortment development. Because of its strong position most food producers develop products under both own brand and private label. Through that two-folded set-up, food producers reach an increasing number of possible customers, markets, sales channels and lower marketing and sales cost. The development of private label has gone from a budget option, to being part of setting the standard in the food industry.

For the 11th year in a row, you will find a Swedish Pavilion at the PLMA Trade Fair in Amsterdam.


(Picture from PLMA 2017)

The Swedish pavilion at PLMA; 29-30th of May 2018

Meet buyers from Europe and the rest of the globe at the world’s largest trade fair for private label in Amsterdam

PLMA is visited by more than 14 000 qualified visitors from 115 countries
Business Sweden has reserved 22 booths for Swedish companies-so do not forget to book your booth at the Swedish pavilion

The Swedish pavilion is organized as part of the concept “Try Swedish” and is subsidized by Business Sweden’s food export program (for SMEs)

Business Sweden will actively invite buyers to the Swedish pavilion

Business Sweden takes care of the project management, coordination and communication with external actors prior to PLMA

Business Sweden’s representation booth can be used for both booked and spontaneous business meetings during the trade days

Business Sweden will be present the day before PLMA starts and during the trade fair days assisting you with upcoming inquiries and providing you with hands-on support enabling you to focus on business creating activities during PLMA

The Swedish pavilion is strategically located next to the Danish and French country pavilions

Interested in securing your spot at the Swedish pavilion at PLMA in order to grow your business within private label, contact:

Marcus Petersson
Project Manager Swedish Pavilion,
Business Sweden